If we want to compare a company's employees by the number of time they responded to an email:

Employee A: number of responses = x


Employee A: number of responds = x

Which is more accurate in this context?

  • "Respond" is not a noun, so you can't say "a respond" or "five responds" or "number of responds". That said, it is common in business English to turn verbs into nouns.
    – stangdon
    Nov 3, 2016 at 12:29

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My choice would be 'responses'

Here is said why: http://www.perrinator.com/response-vs-respond-the-common-mistakes-made/

The word “respond” is a verb, and it describes the action of replying. A noun is used to describe almost everything that we can see or able to talk about, i.e., actions, animals, ideas / concepts, objects / things, people and places. The word “response” is a noun, and it is a reply or an answer to a question or something that requires a response.

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