I am reading fanfic in English and I don't understand what is selected sentence?

I’ve developed a problem. Jerking off in silence is depressing so I’ve been keeping the music on a bit. This means that almost every session has a soundtrack of Disco because the Beatles is just sacrilege. Yesterday when I was in the rover and put some tunes on, instant hardon. I’ve only fucking gone and conditioned myself. It’s now a classic Pavlovian response - Disco equals erection. I am going to have to break this cycle or I’m going to be a complete disgrace at weddings.

What does it mean?

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    That's intriguing, as a Russian, didn't you ever hear of Pavlov effect? Commented Nov 5, 2016 at 9:00

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To "condition" someone or something is to get them to expect something when something else happens. As @LucianSava says, the classic example is the Pavlov effect: a dog heard a bell, expected food, so salivated - a previously assumed unconscious reaction, yet here it was happening according to conscious thought.

So when the protagonist now hears Disco, he gets an otherwise unconscious reaction: he's conditioned to hearing Disco and expecting the next step.

The word "gone" here is used in the frustrated sense:

  • "Our alcoholic aunt has only gone and got herself arrested for drunk driving!"
  • "I wanted to quit smoking, but I've gone and bought another pack."

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