If I work as a bank teller, and my manger ask me to check customer's ID when they withdraw large amount of cash. If I want to know what does he mean by large amount, is it correct to say:

"After which amount I need to check their ID?"

  • 'More than what amount' is better than 'which amount' because which implies pre-existing options.
    – Yuri
    Nov 5 '16 at 11:32

Using your sentence structure:

What is the amount above which I should check their ID?

Alternative ways of asking:


When is the amount big enough that I should check their ID?


Could you please tell me what amount you have in mind when you say "large"?


I would suggest the following:

What sum / amount of money do I start checking clients' IDs?

You need to know when to begin checking clients identification records before handing over large (‘significant’) sums of money.

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