We love life, not because we are "used to living" but because we are "used to loving".

As far as I know it is used to state the activity that a person does not do now but used to do in past. But in this what does it mean?

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This is easy to understand when explained simply:

to be used to + verb with ing (gerund: living):

We are used to living = We are accustomed to living


Subject + used to + verb without ing (no gerund):**

We used to live in that city. = /used to/ describes a situation that is no longer true.


The idiom SUBJ used to VERB, where the verb is use, does mean "SUBJ made a practise of VERB in the past"; but BE used to VERBing is a different idiom. Here used is an adjective derived from the passive participle of use, with the sense inured, accustomed, so the idiom means "BE accustomed to the fact or action of VERBING". "We are used to living" and "We are used to loving" means that we have a great deal of experience of those activities.

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