How to ask when exactly (date) someone is leaving?
My friend is traveling to America next week and I'm not sure how to ask about date.

When do you leave
When are you going
When you will be leaving

Which ones are correct?

  • Change the third example to: When will you be leaving? and throw in questions marks - and you can take your choice. – Ronald Sole Nov 8 '16 at 21:41

When do you leave?
When are you leaving?

I would interpret this as a question about flight (or ferry/boat) times, or as a question about which day the flight would be on. I would expect a specific answer, such as the day or an approximate time on a day.

When do you leave?

Our flight is at 4 AM.
We leave on Friday.

When are you going?

I would expect this question only to be asked if the trip was not in the near future, and I would only expect a general answer – a season, month, or week.

When are you going?
(or: When do you go?)

The trip is in June.
We're going next spring.
We leave the second week of September.

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As Ronald Sole mentions in his comment, the third question should be "When will you be leaving?" but otherwise all three are perfectly fine. Other examples:

When are you going to be leaving?

When are you going to leave?

When do you depart?

When are you going to depart?

As well as many others.

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