I`d be most appreciative if someone could explain me about this sentence.

I am under no obligation to accept any referral or job to which I have been introduced by the Agency

I found the above sentence in an agreement letter and I am little bit confused in meaning. Does this sentence mean it is also okay if I don't accept the job which is introduced by the Agency??

  • In short, yes. Obligation means commitment. Google 'obligation meaning' and I think it will be clear to you. It is often used in formal documents. Have fun btw! – Bookeater Nov 14 '16 at 10:50
  • Fyi, explain something to someone: explain this sentence to me. – Lambie Nov 14 '16 at 13:35

It means that no one is going to force you to accept any job or referral which you get via the agency.

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Idiomatically, you're under an obligation (to do X, say) if there's an obligation, need for you to do X. Correspondingly, if you're under no obligation to do X, that means no such obligation exists.

Simpler examples showing how using no X as a "noun phrase" primarily implying X does not exist...

I serve no master
I want no sympathy

...meaning There is no master whom I serve, There is no sympathy which I want.

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