“Dreams don’t “come true”. Dreams get “made true”. — Robin S. Sharma.

I am confused, how can this be grammatically correct? It should be, Dreams are made true, and not Dreams get "made true".

  • This is perfectly grammatical (however inelegant) English; and the verb get can take any participle: get made, get carried, get baked, and even get gotten. Nov 17 '16 at 9:49

Both statements

Dreams get made true
Dreams are made true

basically have the same meaning, that

Dreams can be true

the difference is "get made" has more emphasis on the process of becoming true, whereas "are made" is more a statement of fact that that's they way they are.

These shirts are made blue.
the color of the shirts are meant to be blue from the beginning

These shirts get made blue.
the shirts may have started as a different color and were transformed to be blue

Dreams are made true.
dreams start as being true from the very beginning

Dreams get made true.
dreams can become true with something (hard work, perseverance, etc.)


Sharma is using parallelism here.

The author is a motivational speaker who is trying to explain that people shouldn’t be inert and wait for their dreams to come true. They will have more success if they take action.

Dreams come true is idiomatic language, so it makes sense that Sharma starts by negating that.

Your version:

Dreams don’t come true. Dreams are made true.

is grammatical, but I don’t think it packs as much punch as Sharma’s version:

Dreams don’t come true. Dreams get made true.

The verb get is more of an action verb than are, and the author is trying to spur us into action. The verb get has several meanings; I think the ones that match up closest with this quote are:

  • to earn; to acquire as a result of action or effort

In a comment, P.E. Dant suggests this might be “inelegant.” I’d say that, if that’s true, it’s probably deliberately that way. The quote is designed to get us to think.

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