What function does "the" have in sentences and how do I use it correctly, effectively and appropriately?

Can I say the following:

What is the real use of "the"?

Is the pronunciation of "the" always the same? I seem to remember hearing once that the pronunciation of the can change. For example, in the sentence above is there any difference between the first and second "the"?

Why is a definite article needed before "real use"?

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  • consider the question itself..I have used "the real use"..is it correct..normally I get very confused with this article – Pritam Nov 18 '16 at 7:27
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  • here's the link that would be helpful to get a general grasp of it. As stated earlier there's no one exact rule about the usage of articles. englishpage.com/articles/advanced-articles.htm – Cavid Hummatov Nov 18 '16 at 8:25

I'm not sure I'm right, but I think that you use "the" when you are talking about a specific object. For example

The computer (that specific one) is not working<

But when you talk about something that's not specific, you use something else. For example

Computer are on everyone's desk<

And not

The computer are on everyone's desk< In your case it is right to use "the".

It is also true that the pronunciation changes on the first letter of the Word that follows it.

The is pronunced [thee] before a vowel sound (not just a vowel).

The Apple/ The egg<

The is pronunced [thuh] in the other cases.

The house/The youth<

Hope I was clear.

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