First, I don't know if these sentences are correct, but the question is should I use any kind of article before an alphabet letter in these sentences below?

I got an E in math

Please give me a G

The A is the best grade


Let's take your examples one at a time.

I got an E in math/s is correct. You would never say *I got E..." or "I got the E"

"Please give me a G" would be correct if there were blocks on a table, each with a letter of the alphabet, and you were asking someone for a block marked G.

If there were only a single G block you might ask for "the G". You might even just say *please give me G", meaning the block marked G.

*The A is the best grade" rings false. You could say either *A is the best grade" or "An A is the best grade".

This is very much as you could say either "Audi is my favourite car" (meaning the Audi marque) or *An Audi is my favourite car".

You would say *the Audi" only if you had been comparing Audi to some other marque, such as a BMW. Then you might say the Audi is my preference or I prefer the Audi.

  • "The best grade is an A" is another option.
    – user3169
    Nov 24 '16 at 0:27

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