MY favorite song is 'I was looking for someone to love.'sung by Leif Garrett.

In the lyrics of the song, I found the phrase like 'I was looking for someone to love and oh the heartaches I found.' I'd like to know the meaning of 'oh~the heartache I found.'

Maybe, I think it is the inversion of 'oh~ I found the heartache.' Am I right? Please, tell me the answer.


It's a shortened way of saying,

Oh! You wouldn't believe how much heartache I found [when I was looking for someone to love]

The interjection oh is this case serves as an intensifier to let the person know that whatever was found – in this case, heartache – was found in an extreme measure.

Another similar usage of the word oh can be found in a famous children's book by Dr. Seuss:

enter image description here

If the book was simply entitled "The Places You'll Go", it wouldn't have the same connotation. With the word Oh in front, the readers are clued in; it's almost as if the author is saying, "The amazing places you'll go," even with the adjective omitted.

Of course, without a specific adjective, the book could be talking about an extreme in either direction (such as, "The awful places you'll go").

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