can you please explain what does this sentence mean ' Don't ask me to break because I since lost my move"?

I think 'since' there is referred to the "starting point of time" but I am not sure about it. please check the link below for reference https://youtu.be/G5srTdVKjDI?t=3m45s

Thank you.


In his interview with Oprah, Leonardo is asked

Oprah: Is it true you almost quit acting when you were 11?
Leo: Yes because I was a break dancer (laughter)
Leo: Don't ask me to break dance because I've since lost my moves

in his answer "since" means

since the time that I was break dancing I have forgotten my moves
since the time that I stopped break dancing I have forgotten my moves

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  • meaning 'form that time on wards'? Thank you – EngFan Nov 23 '16 at 18:37
  • Yes, from some time, whether while he was break dancing or after he stopped break dancing, it would not have be from when he started break dancing, because there would not have been a "since" for him to forget at the start, he would need to know something in order to forget it. – Peter Nov 23 '16 at 20:51

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