I found a sentence on an online English test.

Question: More money is now spent on fuel than before.

Answer: Not as much money was spent on fuel before as now.

I have learnt "comparative structure like "as adjective as ", "adjective than." I found as adj as, as much/many noun as. But I did not know which structures are those sentences? I really want to know this structre "not as adj noun v as noun "


This is a special use.

To link to http://www.grammar-quizzes.com/sameas.html.

Look at the section:"Comparative Expressions As / So / Such"->"AS + NOUN".

For example,"It's not as easy a decision as that."

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When you are a making a quantitative comparison. You can use the structure As much + uncountable noun/noun phrase + as. Your example

Not as much money was spent on fuel before as now.

is correct!

For a countable noun. You should use many. As many + countable noun/noun phrase + as. For example,

I try to give you as many books as I can.

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