I want to express my appreciation to someone who helped me, Can I say: I feel grateful to this person for his help on the project? (I don't want to use thank)


Your usage of 'grateful' is grammatically correct - an acceptable usage is

grateful (to somebody) (for something)

For example - I am extremely grateful to all the teachers for their help.

Personally I would say "I am grateful to...." - for me it seems more natural, but that really comes down to personal choice.

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  • Yes, the little difference is, I feel grateful vs I am grateful. – Ram Pillai May 12 at 3:31

Yes, you can.

I'm so grateful (to you) for all your help on the project.

BTW, I'll go for "I really appreciate all the help you gave me on the project"; the use of the appreciate is far more common and idiomatic.

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I really appreciate your help on the project.


I am really grateful to you for your help on the project.

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