could anybody tell me please if there is a rule which may indicate us when to use "BROAD" and when to use "WIDE? For example: I know it is correct to say "broad daylight" but is it wrong to say "wide daylight"? 2nd Example: "world wide" it is correct, but what about, "world broad" 3er example: "Wide-awake" which is correct, but "Broad-awake" is it correct? Diccionares are unable to explain this or if there is a rule. Can you help please?


"Broad daylight" and "Wide awake" are idiomatic expressions. You can't change them. That's just how they are!

Broad daylight means

The time when everybody can see what is happening

For example, The crime happened in broad daylight

Wide awake means Fully awake. It also means a hat. Revise your dictionary for more information.

Worldwide is a word. We don't write it separately. It's an adjective, sometimes an adverb. For example, He is famous worldwide

In many contexts, wide and broad are synonym and are interchangeable.

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