I have a question about the usage of "break out" in this Wikipedia article:

The charge for California Redemption Value is similar to Bottle Bill deposits used in other states, but is technically a regulatory fee[3] imposed on the distributor of the beverage. The fee tends to be passed along to the retailer and to the consumer via normal market forces. Distributors and retailers usually break out the CRV as a distinct part of the purchase price in advertising and on receipts.

I cannot find a dictionary definition for this usage of "break out". Could it be wrong, or technical jargon?


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With respect to @mike's comment, it appears that the third definition is the most fitting here:

to separate from a mass of data <break out newsstand sales>

So it would mean that the CRV is separated from the other components of the price (like net value, other taxes, etc.) and listed on its own.

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