Is it proper to ask

How was your Thanksgiving holidays?

Because we had 5 days of holidays and Thanksgiving day was one day among those.

Do I say:

How were your holidays?

Is the usage of holiday singular or plural?

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    Thanksgiving is a singular holiday. The Christmas season is generally plural (in AmE) because it encompasses multiple holidays, including New Year's – Andrew Nov 29 '16 at 20:31
  • "A holiday", at least in British English, is often used as a synonym vacation, "How was your Thanksgiving holiday?" can be read as "How was your Thanksgiving vacation?" I feel holiday is pluralised in this context so as not to imply a vacation, even when talking about a single day holiday. Using "was" with "holidays" plural is incorrect though – Nat Nov 29 '16 at 20:31
  • "How was your Thanksgiving holiday?" can mean "vacation period" in American English as well. Also, several holidays around and including New Years, including several different religions, are collectively pluralized "the holidays": "Are you going home for the holidays?" "Did you enjoy the holidays?" – JeremyDouglass Nov 30 '16 at 4:46

"How was your holiday?" or "How were your holidays?" if they had "a long weekend".

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