I was watching Addams family yesterday. During the dinner in the "cave" Gomez said about Uncle Fester, that he is continental person.

I understand that English people talking about Europeans as continental. But what does that mean, taking into account that this is American movie?


In the US, they refer to Europe as "the Continent" - as in the continent of Europe. It is a reference to the fact the the US has one (English-speaking (oh, OK, and French-speaking)) country to the North (Canada), and a Spanish-speaking country (Mexico) to the South - in stark comparison to the melange of languages and cultures in Europe.

"Continental" is (was?) used as an adjective to describe a level of higher culture than the plebeian culture of America.

  • Sounds like a correct answer! Uncle Fester was (is) able to speak 12 languages. – V.G. Nov 30 '16 at 10:27

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