If someone asks for particular issue pointing to me:

do you want add some thing, is it understood

then how to reply with a good short sentence? Or what is the best way to say

yes, it is understood by me and I am now good for this issue or questions

(analyst speaking over call)?


In casual American English, we like to say "Got it" to mean, I understand, go ahead.

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  • thanks , after that my team member asks me is there any question on this point then how to reply? is it good to say : i am good now for this question – yash fale Dec 6 '16 at 3:43

Colloquially (in every day language) we say something like, "O.K./okay," "alright," "got it," or "sure/sure thing."

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Seeing some clues in your question, I assume a few things:

(a) Your discussion is technical, and it may have several topics/issues/problems, one after another.
(b) You do this over a phone call.
(c) You're not comfortable with saying complicated sentences in English, especially when you want to make your points clear.

Basically, I assume that you're in my shoes when I started working abroad.
(Yes, I'm a non-native speaker.)

If someone asked me, "Is there any question? Would you like to add anything?" to conclude one of the topics/issues/problems, and I were in your shoes (i.e., (a), (b), and (c) are true), I might reply:

(No.) It's good/okay (now). (Let's move on (to the next topic/issue/problem).)

The parenthesized parts can be omitted. The slashes (i.e., those / signs) indicate possible alternatives. (So, you have about 2*2*2*(1+(1+3)) = 40 alternatives. ;-) I think it's likeliest that I'd reply "It's good now. Let's move on." or maybe "It's good now. Let's move on to the next issue." when I think just move on may not be clear enough, to the listener(s).

This is clear and concise and easy to pronounce, in my opinion.
Hope it can help you a little. :-)

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  • You are right , i am developer , i have to attend Skype call with US team , always listening all these questions ,so want good ans so i can make good conversation. – yash fale Dec 6 '16 at 5:35
  • Note that if you're not the decision maker or part of the decision making group in the team, you may not want to use "Let's move on", which sounds more like something a team/project leader might say. Even just "It's good/okay now" can imply that you're in control of the conversation. If you're not in that position, shifting it from "It's good/okay now" to "I'm fine/okay with it" would be a better choice. – Damkerng T. Dec 6 '16 at 5:40
  • ya got it some times i have to become host of the meeting , so at that time i can use this . – yash fale Dec 6 '16 at 5:49

If someone asks "do you want to add something?" but you don't you can say:

"No, I'm good." "Sounds good to me." "No, I'll buy [into] that."

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