I remember back that day when I commented on someone's post that had a lot of missing determiners saying:

You need determiners for the computer and the tv.

Since there should be more than one determiners, I wrote determiners. Now I think I was wrong: I think it should be a determiner because the sentence should be like the following one.

You need a determiner for the computer and a determiner for the tv.

You need a determiner for the computer and tv.

Should I say determiners for or a determiner for in the sentence I wrote?

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You need determiners before the computer and the tv.

might be better phrased

You need to use determiners before computer and tv.

since your original sentence includes the determiners.

"Determiners" is correct since there is a determiner for each, to say

You need a determiner for...

would mean to use a single determiner, which might be correct if you are grouping "computers and tvs" together like "bacon and eggs"

We looked at the computers and tvs at Walmart.
We had the bacon and eggs special for breakfast.

but you are saying the computer and the tv, determiners for each.

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