Which is correct?

  1. He went to America yesterday.
  2. He went for America yesterday.

I think that 2 is incorrect. Because the preposition 'for' of 2 sentence isn't appropriate to America.

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The simple answer here is "He went to America". "To" is used to indicate direction of travel, and so you would usually say "go to (a place)" and "come from (a place)".

I went to the coffee shop.

They aren't going to school today.

She never goes to the movies by herself.

However, you should be aware that there are other, idiomatic expressions that use different prepositions with the "to go" verb. These have many different meanings, but if you scroll down the list you will see these definitions:

to go for (something): to attack, to try to get, to agree to, to be attracted to, to relate or apply to

some examples of these idioms:

I could go for a sandwich right now (I want to eat a sandwich)

He went for Donald Trump in a big way (he was a strong supporter of Donald Trump).

I was so mad I almost went for him. (I almost attacked him).

and many others.

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