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New phone, who dis?

I found dis is an informal word meaning speak disrespectfully to or criticize. and it needs an object adhering, like I don't like her dissing my friends. But the grammar doesn't fit and the meaning is strange to me, so what's the usage of dis here?

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    "Who's this?", perhaps?
    – Mick
    Dec 8, 2016 at 5:30

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"New phone, who dis?" is an internet meme that originated sometime around 2014. "dis" in this instance, can be read as poor spelling (or textspeak) of the word "this". The meme generally uses the following format:

A: [Asks B for a favor]

B: new phone who dis

Literally, "new phone who dis" means, "I got a new phone [and therefore lost my contacts], who is this?" However, in the context of the meme, “new phone who dis” is a way of indicating that one would prefer to ignore a message.



In your example


is slang-ish for


just as

dat = that
deeze = these
doze = those

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