He lives on Main Street.

This sentence is from "Merriam-Webster " Dictionary.

But I found both usage " in the street" and "on the street." on ngram.

What is the difference between them, "live on street" or "live in street".


This is what one expects and where people usually live.

live on the street
live at an address of a particular street
He lives on the street next to the town hall.

This is being homeless and sleeping rough

live in the street
living unsheltered, not in a house
The dogs and cats of Rio live in the streets.

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    This may be a regional difference, but to this Northeastern US English speaker, someone who is homeless lives on the street, not in it. In the street would literally mean "situated in the road". – stangdon Dec 9 '16 at 12:57
  • Nope. 'The restaurant is tucked away in a side street.' (from here: ldoceonline.com/dictionary/street) – Sergey Zolotarev Jan 3 at 0:37

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