History enthusiasts can bask in historical enclaves scattered throughout the island while beach lovers can relax and enjoy sea sports along the 3.2 kilometres stretch of Siloso, Central and Tanjong Beaches.

This sentence is from an article about "Travel in Southeast Asia". The phrase "the 3.2 kilometres stretch of Siloso" is a question to me. I think it should be "the 3.2- kilometer stretch of Siloso" as I have learn that" When Noun + noun is used in measurements, with a number before the first noun,the number is usually joined to the first noun by a hyphen (-)."

Please give me some advice on it. Thanks in advance.

  • When it's part of an "attributive adjective" usage (before the noun) as in a three-mile run we usually specify the unit of measurement in the singular form. And if there's an integer (whole number) value before it, we usually link that to the unit with a hyphen, but we don't normally do that with decimal / fractional values, because it makes the whole orthography look clumsy and confusing. Dec 11, 2016 at 16:23


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