My friend said he was bitten by mosquitos on twitter, since any mosquito has the limited quota of sucking blood, my friend reduced the probability of me being bitten, and I want to reply him that as a small joke.

How could I say it naturally and fluently?(the humorer the better.)

"You reduced the probability of me being bitten."

is what I came up with, but I feel it's a bit awkward sounding(or it's in reality pretty fluent?), is there any better way to say it?

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"reduced the probability" is rather formal and technical.

The colloquial equivalent is "cut the chance"

Great! You've cut the chance of me being bitten!


Your sentence

You reduced the probability of me being bitten.

is correct, but sounds very mathematical, otherwise you might say

You reduced the chances of me being bitten.

However, if you wanted to say it as a mathematical joke, you might say

You reduced the maximum likelihood of me being bitten.
You shifted the probability distribution of me being bitten to the left.
You changed the posterior predictive distribution of me being bitten.

Of course there is always

Better you than me (mate)!

or simply

Thank you, I appreciate it!

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