• What is the meaning of "as" in "as written by"?

(I've searched every where like in many dictionaries or Googled it but there isn't the slightest sign on what that "as" exactly means and I thought no definition for "as" was proper in this situation.)

  • Is " written by" a shortened form of "as written by", like it is always literally "as written by", but sometimes we shorten it in just "written by", what is the difference?

  • which one is better to use in this sentence?

    my prescription information pamphlets "as written by" my father (or just plain "written by" ... ).


The phrases

written by
as written by
which was written by

all have the same meaning of saying who wrote something and are interchangeable.

The possible nuance of "as written by" draws attention to the fact that a particular person, who would usually be famous for having a different style from the usual, is doing the action.

Peter and the Wolf, narrated by somebody
Peter and the Wolf as narrated by David Bowie

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