I'm confused between these two. Which is correct to use between

  1. How did it all began? or
  2. How did it all begin?

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Began is the simple past tense of begin. An example conversation using both of these is:

"How did it all begin?"

"It began when I first saw her face."

In the first sentence, because the verb uses the auxiliary verb "do", the past tense is conveyed by changing do to "did". An example in the present tense using "do":

"How do I begin this?"

"You begin by wrapping the string around your fingers."

More on the verb form to use with do can be found in this answer.


This is a rule in English grammar:

The verb which comes after the auxiliary verb - "did", always will be the base form (that called "infinitive" form, meaning without any inflection to the past tense). Therefore:

I didn't begin to do it.

I didn't meet him.

I didn't know him.

I didn't see him.

As you can see, all of them are in the base form, rather than in the past tense form.

It's doesn't matter if your sentence is with wh questions or not, therefore it will be the same:

How did he begin to do it.

when did he begin to do it.

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