Are there any grammatical correctness and fluency differences between these sentences:

  1. Depends on the side you look from
  2. Depends on the side from which you look
  3. Depends on the side which you look from

in spatial terms?

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  • What do you want it to mean? What is the context of this? – Catija Dec 19 '16 at 5:11
  • @Oscar I'm not sure what you want to say, but there's one similar, common phrase: It depends on how you look at it. – Damkerng T. Dec 19 '16 at 6:08



describes a point of departure or perspective.

All three of your sentences are understandable, but it might be more parsimonious to say

(It) depends from which side you look.

  • What do you mean by saying: it would be parsimonious to say that? – Oscar Dec 18 '16 at 21:33
  • parsimonious = frugal, less verbose, fewer words, more direct. – Peter Dec 18 '16 at 21:40

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