Suppose I need to ask a question like

"Did you change any thing in file"


"Are you change anything in file."

Which one is correct. Could any one please give some light how to use did and are in a similar question?

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    “Did you change anything in the file?” is perfect. “Have you changed anything in the file?” is another correct of past tense. But “are” is not used in past tense, but it is used in present tense: “Are you changing anything in the file?” – Jollywatt Dec 19 '16 at 7:49

Did you change any thing in file

This sentence is grammatically correct

Are you change anything in file

This sentence is grammatically incorrect. Instead one should use the following sentence Are you changing anything in file

The difference between both sentences is that in first you are talking about past while in second you are talking about present.

  • Just saying "anything in file" is not correct - file is a countable noun, so it has to be a file or the file or files. I realize this isn't exactly what the OP was asking about, but it is worth pointing out. – stangdon Dec 19 '16 at 15:27

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