The table shows 80% of correct fixings. In contrast to correct fixings, there are some incorrect fittings mainly because of missing lines or distorted graph relations due to the absence of small segments, mismatch of parameters or under-segmentation.

I feel this is bit odd and as I don't have experience with explaining this type of case. I am looking for some assistance with modifying this in a more formal way to present this idea.

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This is a complex situation which will tax even fairly sophisticated native-speaker writers. There are four techniques which can help you:

  1. Don't let phoney 'style' considerations prevent you from repeating terms.
  2. Employ uncontracted structural devices—repeated prepositions, for instance, or frank either ... or constructions—to make the 'shape' of your argument more evident.
  3. Employ the full range of punctuation as a structural device—use colons and semicolons, and don't try to get too much into one sentence.
  4. Outline your argument, so you are clear where you are going:
    • 80% of 'fixings' are correct
    • Most of the rest are not correct for one of two reasons
      1. Some are incorrect because lines are missing
      2. Others are incorrect because graph relations are distorted
    • Distorted graph relations are caused by:
      1. The absence of small segments
      2. Mismatched parameters
      3. Under-segmentation

Now all you need is a little tweaking.

The table shows that 80% of 'fixings' are correct. The rest are incorrect, mostly for one of two reasons: either lines are missing or graph relations are distorted. Distorted graph relations are caused by the absence of small segments, by mismatched parameters, or by undersegmentation.

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