I would like ask for phrases/idioms that can be used to praise someone (especially children) for spotting small things that would otherwise go unnoticed.

I know that 'well spotted' is a common one, and 'good catch' can be used when mistakes are identified. Are there any others that have similar meanings?

Many thanks.

  • How about calling the person "eagle eyes"? – jtbandes Dec 25 '16 at 21:27

"Well spotted!" sound very British to me, but I find myself using it all the time as British expressions creep into American speech especially after "Harry Potter". For example, nowadays, (or perhaps just now, today) I often wish people "Happy Christmas!".

"Good catch" feels more American.

When Americans (not sure about British) want to praise someone who has seen something others haven't:

"You've got good eyes!" (or just "Good eyes!")

"Sharp eyes you've got!"

"You've got 20/20 vision there!" (less common, but acceptable)

Other more generic phrases:

"Well done!"

"Well done you!" (although this can be perceived as sarcastic)

"Good one!"

"Good on yer!" (very, very Australian)

(On getting a question right, or knowing something) (British) "Full marks!" (American) "You get a gold star!"

  • Thanks, but I am looking more for phrases that directly refer to 'spotting' something. I feel like 'well done' or 'Good one' seem a bit too general. – JUNCINATOR Dec 25 '16 at 16:26
  • @JUNCINATOR yes I was hoping to think of some by association with similar phrases. I did think of one, edited my answer. – Andrew Dec 25 '16 at 17:59

Variations of "good/great find!" used with a tone of exclamation can be well suited as a compliment when someone, especially a child, makes an unexpected and valuable discovery of detail.

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