"Different people, the same people with different mood or emotion... all will make the same type of tea has different smelling and flavour."

Does this sound wired? Could you help me to do anything to improve this?

  • You could change it this way: Different people —the same people with various moods or emotions— all will make the same type of tea that has another smelling and flavor. But the sentence does not make sense to me well. – Abbasi Dec 26 '16 at 21:03
  • Did you mean "wierd" (strange) or "wired" (the result of your consuming a lot of caffeine)? – Jasper Dec 27 '16 at 4:45

Basically your sentence is saying

Different people with different moods or emotions will make different smelling and tasting tea.

and is emphasizing there there may be many different factors resulting in many different teas.

There is nothing wrong with using "different' several times, it would the same as saying

French people with French moods or emotions will make French smelling and tasting tea.

meaning the tea will be very dependently French. If you did not want to repeat "different" you would use a synonym instead

Different people with various moods or emotions will make distinct smelling and tasting tea.


It's not wrong to repeat a word if you want to emphasize its importance in the sentence:

On different days, the same person can make the same tea in the same way but still end up with the tea having a different aroma and flavor.

Here the repetition of "same" and "different" helps clarify what you are trying to say. The order of the phrases in the sentence can establish an interesting rhythm, but that's more about good writing than good grammar.

Otherwise, if a synonym (or two) is available you can use that instead of repeating the same word. However, for "different", all of the synonyms (diverse, various, etc.) have varying nuances which I think don't work as well here.

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