Air is all around us.

All around means in every way according to the dictionary. But this explanation doesn't make sense in above sentence, so I guess something maybe wrong here.

Does it mean something else here?


It's true that all around can mean "in every way". In this sense, it can be an adjective:

Jimmy's an all-around great guy.

This means he's great in every way. It can also be used as an adverb:

It's been a good day all around.

This means it's been a good day in every way.

However, that's not the meaning of all around in your sentence:

Air is all around us.

Here, it means you're surrounded by air. You can find air in pretty much every direction, except perhaps beneath your feet. It's ahead of you, behind you, above you; it's around your head, around your hands, around your legs; it's all around you.

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