Q. Who's the guy standing behind you?
A. Standing behind me would be the guy who helped finish your syllabus two weeks ago.

Here, does would be work the same way as is? Standing behind me is the guy...?

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Your use of

would be

is equivalent to

most probably is
is most probably

Q: Who's that on the red carpet with Jonny Depp?
A: That would be his new girlfriend.
     that is his new girlfriend

  • Do we use Would this way to refer to a person only? Or could would be used instead of is in other cases as well? Commented Dec 29, 2016 at 17:54

You are right, they function the same ("is" would be better, though). In fact, "would be" is commonly used in combination with a possibility, such as

It would be bad luck if we ran out of gas right now!

I hope this helped you!

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