Sometimes I am confused in the correct way of using me or to me. Example, answer me or answer to me; love me or love to me. Could you help me to differentiate each one?

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Some verbs take "to" as preposition. It depends on the position of direct and indirect object in the sentence:

For example:

Give me the book.

"the book" is the direct object of "give", and "me" is the indirect object. If you change their position, you need "to" before "me" (indirect object):

Give the book to me.

The structure is:

'subject' +'verb' + 'direct object' + preposition + 'indirect object'

However, "answer" takes one direct object

Answer the question

If "answer" is used as "noun" it can take "to" as preposition

It is the answer to the question 4

These are important questions and we want answers to them


"Answer me" means "give me an answer" (or "say something".)

"Answer to me" is quite different, and means "Report [answer] to me and no one else":

Remember: you answer to me and no one else.

"Love me" means exactly what it says -- "Show me affection."

On its own, "love to me" is ungrammatical. However, you can use it in a sentence as @wintersoldier suggests:

Make love to me.

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    @RafaelAndresOteroAvila crystal
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  • @Mick isn't there a usage called " make love to me " which means to have physical relationship.
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  • @wintersolider That's true enough.
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