Say, I am carrying a chainsaw towards a tree. In that case I am about to saw that tree down.

Suppose someone stops me and asks me to cut that tree.

How can I politely inform them that I am about to do that and I got that idea before they asked me and without their "advice"?

I thought of "I was about to saw that tree down", but this phrase would be appropriate if I planned to fall the tree but something prevents me to do that.

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    You could clarify your intentions with "I was already about to cut down that tree." – stangdon Jan 4 '17 at 21:18

You could express it these ways

I was just about to cut that tree down.
I was just about to do that (before you interrupted me).
I was going to do just that (before you started speaking to me).

the main point you seem to want to get across is that the idea already existed and was in action before the other person spoke to you.

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