Look at this dialogue:

-What languages do you speak?

-Persian, English and French.

-Which one do you speak the best?


About "the best", a native tells me he finds using the quite unnatural.

My search shows it is obvious that the omission of "the" outnumbers the inclusion of "the" considerably. Nevertheless, I am sure I have read this usage, the best as an adverb, in such sentences in a number of educational materials.

I would like to know the comments of natives on this. Is it wrong or unnatural?

Links are appreciated.

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the best

is quite natural, since it is presumably one from a choice of more than one.

Q: Persian or French, which do you speak better?
A: Persian.
Q: French or English, which are you better at speaking?
A: English. Q: So between Persian, French and English, you speak English the best?
A: Yes!

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