Please let me know which one of the following choices work properly in the self-made sentence below:

My old car has.......well over these years

  • a) endured

  • b) lasted

For me, only the choice 'b' works here properly or at least fits better.

  • Informally you could also say "My old car has held up well over the years." See hold up: "4. To continue to function without losing force or effectiveness; cope: managed to hold up under the stress." Also I wouldn't use "these" unless a specific time period was mentioned. – user3169 Jan 9 '17 at 21:02

To last simply means to exist over a period of time.

To endure means to exist despite challenges or adversity.

Endure is a more colorful term because it means it has "survived" against external things, but last isn't wrong.


Well, I think that the verb to serve is going to be better word choice here, given the context of the sentence:

My old car has served me well over all these years.

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