What does this sentence mean?

Corporate-sponsored terrorism of little children.


Corporate-sponsored terrorism of little children. In English. With English. Over English.

which appears on this ELL user profile

Does it mean that a company invests to support kids terrorists?

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    Hahaha, now I understand why you had asked me this. I had totally forgotten that I had written this in my profile. My mistake; it had been correct of you to ask it as a comment. Literally, yes, it means that a company pays to scare children. Figuratively, it means that I teach children English, but sometimes, I can be too scary or too firm for a child. – Teacher KSHuang Jan 10 '17 at 9:06

It's just a joke. What this means is that companies (or the company he works for) pay him big money to terrorize children. A lot of children see the process of education as a form of torture. So, he's paid huge sums of money to torture little kids with his English lessons.

corporate-sponsored terrorism is a play on the expression state-sponsored terrorism. That's when the government of a state (state is just another word for country in English) is providing financial support to terrorist organizations.

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