"Off down the corridor"?

"off" and "down"?

I can't get the picture of this sentence,because I don't know where the man was and where he was going in the sentence. What position did the speaker think "he" was in then?

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The off goes with shambled:

He shambled off into the distance.
He shambled off across the room.
He shambled off out of the barroom.

You could write any of those without using the off:

He shambled into the distance.
He shambled across the room.
He shambled out of the barroom.

The off simply helps emphasize that the person was leaving his initial location. As NOAD says:

off (adv.) away from the place in question : the man ran off | she dashed off to her room

This should make down the corridor make more sense – it simply describes where he shambled off to. He could have "shambled off" anywhere, but, in your sentence, he shambled off down the corridor (which means toward one end of the corridor).


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