Is it correct to say "He fell down from the tree" or we have to use fell out ?. Maybe these two forms are possible? Please explain me :)) thank You.

  • That would be fell out of the tree.
    – Glorfindel
    Commented Jan 18, 2017 at 16:27

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He fell **out of the tree, wagon, cart, car (the door is open)**.

Fall out implies you are "in something" and you fall out of it. For trees, we typically say to climb a tree, and to be "up in the tree". It is viewed as a "container". Therefore, you fall out of it. It is NOT a two-word verb.

Please note: You can also "fall out" with a group of friends. No longer be friends with them. It is a two-word verb here.

There is also fall off of something: He fell off the roof, he fell off the branch [of a tree where he was sitting], he fell off the pedestal, he fell off the boat. Here, it's OFF, because you are considered to be "on a surface". This is not a two-word verb.

/Fall down/ (a two-word verb) means to fall to the ground or to a surface without the idea of being inside something. He was walking down the street and fell down. The old lady tripped and fell down on the walkway*

However, we would say: He fell down the stairs. In that sense, it's fall and down the stairs and is not a two-word verb.

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