In my work I need to describe "groups of metrics". I'm not sure if I should write "metrics groups" or "metric groups" (I tend to "metrics metric groups" now). And now I'm confused with "names of groups of metrics". "Metrics groups names" sound odd, as do "metrics group names". How should I write this?

  • What is the context of your work? "Metrics" and "groups" are both mathematical terms. Do you mean this in the mathematical sense?
    – James K
    Jan 19 '17 at 22:09

If you absolutely must create a single multi-part noun and make it plural, then the practice is to pluralize only the last noun:

metric group names

firefighter activist administrator corps

jeans inspector assistant committees

These can sound a little weird, so it's better to either use "of", or change the modifying nouns to adjectives:

the corps of activist firefighter administrators

the committees of jeans inspection assistants

and so on.

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