What does it mean when we say "sex outside marriage" or sex out of marriage? Is it same as sex before marriage (ie. premarital sex), or does it include having sex with someone while being married to someone else (ie. extramarital sex).

The source of this doubt is a video, which states that it is a woman's choice whether she wishes to have sex before marriage or have sex out of marriage.

Here's the transcript: My Choice by Deepika Padukon.

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Yes it means the same thing. When you are married, you are in a legal union, and in many cultures and religions you are permitted to have physical relations, within those parameters. If you are not married, you are outside of or out of those parameters.

The added meaning of out of compared to before is that it could take place after a divorce, or with somebody else you are not married to, even while married. Basically, it is with anyone you are not married to.

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