A narcissistic bully will face nationalist leaders just as dangerous. Prepare for a direct clash with China.


Can you explain to me the exact meaning of the first part of the above excerpt. Does it mean that a "narcissistic bully" (D. Trump) will in the next future clash with the similar class of politicians ("nationalists") that are as dangerous as him. I am not sure to which part "as dangerous" is connected.

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    just as dangerous complements leaders. ...leaders (who are) just as dangerous (as the narcissistic bully is dangerous). Jan 21, 2017 at 14:56

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The passage is calling Trump a narcissistic bully, and goes on to say that he (a self-confessed nationalist leader with his "America First" address to the nation) is going to face others just like him, including [the leaders of] China.

Read it as:

... [he] will face nationalistic leaders [who are] just like him.

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