Tinder is like Facebook, but it's just, like, straight to smashing.

What does "straight to smashing" mean?

I tried to find answer following below step, but it doesn't make sense. Please, help me.

  1. It's straight to smashing.
  2. straight : frank
  3. smash : to go to pieces suddenly under collision or pressure
  4. It's frank to going to pieces?????????
  5. I can't even understand the literal meaning.

Tinder is, like Facebook, a social media site, but oriented toward making new connections; it is consequently used mostly as a dating service.

Straight here is used in the sense "directly, immediately, by the shortest route".

Smash has recently accrued a new slang meaning, "have sex"—it's a relatively inoffensive way to say fuck.

So you may paraphrase your sentence as:

Tinder is like Facebook but enables its users to move more directly toward sexual encounters.

  • Wow.. Ty. I never thought smashing = fuck!!!! – Ting Choe Jan 25 '17 at 13:24
  • @TINGCHOE Neither did I! --but it was pretty obvious that that was what it had to mean, so I just Googled around and confirmed it in about 45 seconds. – StoneyB on hiatus Jan 25 '17 at 13:25
  • See also: banging, pounding, grinding, mashing, bashing, biffing, bopping... – Quuxplusone Feb 2 at 21:14

Not saying Stoney is wrong because I have never been to Tinder, but could straight to smashing also mean shortest route to excellence/the best result?


adjective BRITISH informal excellent; wonderful. "you look smashing!"

Google Dictionary


That phrase was specifically from episode 1 of the show Man seeking Woman and for 3 seasons the character that said it said smashing to mean having sex so, no, it doesn't have any other meaning. Watch the show and you will know what i mean.

  • I agree, but we'd like to see some reference, even if urban or slang dictionaries are all you can find. – Davo Apr 8 '19 at 21:38

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