Given sentence:

Researchers say that normal people may have four or five REM periods of dreaming a night.


Four or five REM periods of dreaming take place during a ................ sleep.

Possible answers:

  1. normal

  2. night's

  3. good night's sleep

In my personal opinion, I will go for No.2#. I think the word "normal" is only for "people" in the given sentence . The word "good night's sleep" is more natural, but the word "good" is not used in the given sentence.So I prefer No.2# to others.

Please share your possible answers with me. Thanks in advance.

  • Your analysis is correct. BTW, the comma in the Given Sentence is wrong (leave it out).
    – user3169
    Jan 27, 2017 at 0:36

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They're all acceptable. 3 is preferable. If you use 1, I would add "session", as in "during a normal sleep session." Sounds more idiomatic to me.


Research has shown that REM sleep helps the body refresh itself and sleep without REM is less restful, therefore

a good night's sleep

would be the appropriate phrasing since sleep may occur without REM and the meaning of "a good night's sleep" implies a restful sleep.

Your first sentence only speaks to "normal" people but not the type of sleep they may have.

  • It is #3 that I am saying is the appropriate answer. #2 may or may not be with REM sleep.
    – Peter
    Jan 27, 2017 at 1:03

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