If I were to spell something out for someone, say a student, I would say:

Think about it this way, ...

  1. Is this correct? If so,

  2. Can this way be replaced with like this? If yes,

  3. Are they interchangeable for this very context?


It is correct, and this way can be replaced with like this, however,

They are not interchangeable in every context.

You have to go this way...

Has a different meaning to

You have to go like this...

The first means that you have to go in a direction, the second one is, I'm fairly sure, actually incorrect, but I have seen people use when showing someone how to do something.


Yes, those are interchangeable. Both sound like fine English.

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    They are not always interchangeable. – Michael Curry Jan 27 '17 at 14:52

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