I didn't get this joke.

If I ever put 'Taken' in my Twitter bio, just know it was...

A: By Aliens

B: By the men in white coats

C: Into custody

I know taken is the movie where the daughter gets apprehended but what are the other two options B and C means in context which makes it funny?

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    The joke has nothing to do with the movie. This may be what's confusing you. – Roger Jan 27 '17 at 13:40

To continue with what @Roger was saying in his comment, "Taken" in a twitter bio would mean that you are now dating someone – that you are no longer single and not dating. In other words, it means you are in a committed relationship. However, the joke is saying that if this person ever puts "Taken" in their bio, it means something else – that they were physically taken, either by the police (option C), by psychiatrists (option B), or by aliens (option A).

I think we should assume whoever uses this joke has no plans to be in a committed relationship any time soon.


B: if you are taken by men in white coats it is implied that they are doctors (usually psychiatric). This would mean that they have been taken into psychiatric treatment.

C: Taken into custody implies that this person has been arrested by the police and taken 'into custody', under the watch of the police, probably in a cell.

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