[math teacher] your homework looks like chicken scratch, but you got them all correct
[later at home] I think she's on to us, mathmachicken

I didn't get the above chicken pun.


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chicken scratch
Illegible handwriting resembling the marks left by chicken feet on the ground : can't read his chicken scratch on the grocery list

In other words, the teacher is saying that the student's handwriting is difficult to read, but that the answers are all right.

Mathmachicken is a combination of mathematician and chicken. The joke is that the mathematician chicken actually did the work, resulting in literal chicken scratch.


The joke is based on the premise of "chicken scratch" which means the writing is illegible.

This is a counting mathmachicken

There used to be a similar chicken on display in

NYC's Chinatown chicken played tic-tac-toe

This is not to be confused with


which is the math kids do when they make golden chicken nuggets disappear


"Mathmachicken" sounds a bit like "mathematician", which is a person who does math (okay, not really, they do much more than just that, they study all kinds of math and come up with their own).


It's a bit of light, play-on-words humor to make most people (who understand puns) to chuckle. There is no deeper or nefarious meaning.

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