Imagine a dentist implants a tooth into your gum. You would probably say: "I got a tooth implant. But what do you say when you get two teeth implantations?

Does the following sentences sound idiomatic? If not what would a native speaker would say instead:

  • I implanted two teeth.

  • I got two teeth implantations.

  • I had two teeth implantations.

P.S. "Implantation" is marked as an incorrect word by the forum spell-checking system. But as you see in the link, it is defined as a countable or an uncountable noun.


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In AmE they're called implants or tooth-implants|tooth implants.

I got a tooth implant.

I got two teeth implanted.

I got two tooth-implants.

The attributive tooth (tooth-implant) doesn't change in number. It remains singular.

We wouldn't say

The spa gift certificate was for two backsungrammatical massages.

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