Suppose I am trying to tell someone, how much distance google maps shows if we take car or on foot. How would I say this?

"My house is 10KM from here by car and 8 KM by/on foot."

I think "by" is used for means of transport but is it correct to use this here or "on" foot sounds appropriate?


You can say "by car" and "on foot".

However, the following are usual and more idiomatic:

My house is a 10-kilometer drive from here.

My house is a 8-kilometer walk from here.


You can use both; although technically, on is more accurate and common.

In the context of your sentence, by may be used for a foot as a tool used for movement, and on -- for a foot as the part of a body on which this body moves, which, in my opinion, doesn't make any difference.

For a possibility of using "by foot" you may also see here.

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